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WWC-web-logo_2The Whitewater Country Coalition has been developed to serve the Southeastern Minnesota communities of Dover, Eyota, and St. Charles. The overall goal is to promote the upbringing of healthy, caring, and responsible youth.

Additional goals of the project are to increase collaborative effectiveness though the Coalition and using strategies to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors that correlate to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. To achieve these goals, the Coalition will implement multiple individual and environmental strategies.

Broadly defined, individual strategies are short-term actions focused on changing individual behavior, while environmental strategies involve longer-term, potentially permanent changes that have a broader reach (e.g. policies and laws that affect all members of society). The most effective prevention plans will use both environmental and individual substance abuse prevention strategies.

Coalition membership is open to all area residents. Help make our community a safer place to live. Attend a meeting and GET INVOLVED!

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Reducing Underage Substance Abuse Through the Empowerment of . . .

  • Alcohol is the drug of choice among American teenagers, as well as the drug that causes the most harm. With this in mind, the Coalition will be implementing several strategies within the schools:

    ** Evidence-based curriculum Project Northland has been proven to reduce alcohol use among young people
    ** Youth groups TALK (Teens As Leaders with Knowledge) in Dover-Eyota Schools and STAND (Students Taking a New Direction) in St. Charles Schools
    ** Youth Leadership Academy
    ** National Leadership Conventions for StudentsSchools
    ** Chemical-free events and activities
    ** Professional education for teachers
    ** Surveys & assessments

    All students are enouraged and welcome to join these youth groups.

    To join, contact Bill Spitzer at (507) 421-2317 or

  • Prevention begins at home. Parents have the greatest influence on whether their children will choose to use drugs and/or alcohol. Take up the challenge as a parent and stay connected to your children while you watch them grow stronger and more independent.

    The Coalition is here to help by providing resources and guidance for you and your family. We have the tools and strategies to help families learn and grow, creating a safe and healthy environment to turn area children into resilient and responsible adults.

    The Coalition can provide:Family
    ** Informational Resources
    ** Educational Opportunities
    ** Chemical-free Activities for the Entire Family

  • It takes a village to raise a child. For this reason, we will be spear-heading the creation of several community programs aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles and providing healthy role models for area youth.

    These programs include:Community
    ** Responsible Beverage Server Training
    ** Town Hall Meetings
    ** Guest Speakers
    ** Positive Community Norms Initiative
    ** Community Assessment
    ** Capacity Building
    ** Strategic Planning
    ** Implementing community-wide strategies
    ** Sustainability
    ** Reaching out to all cultures of our communities

    Community members are encouraged to attend monthly Coalition meetings and our yearly strategic planning event to help guide this process.